Jay Dupuis

Jay was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Growing up in a house where his father was a professional musician made it very easy for Jay to follow in his dads footsteps. At the early age of three, his mom put on a record of Elvis Presley singing ‘Hound Dog’. As he listened, his eyes lit up and his hips started to move as he smiled with excitement. Begging his mom to play it over and over, Jay became a huge fan of the King of Rock ‘n Roll.

At the age of 4, Jay got his first taste of live performing. Jay would put on white pants and a white dress shirt to mimic a jumpsuit, flip up his collar, pretend he was Elvis and put on shows in his parents living room for family and friends. Elvis has always been one of the biggest influences in his life and entertaining career. Jay has read extensively about Elvis’ life, studying Elvis’ performances, movies and singing style.

He considers being an Elvis tribute artist a true blessing and a great honor to pay tribute to the greatest entertainer of all time. Jay was recognized by the estate of Elvis Presley (Elvis Presley Enterprises) as the best Elvis tribute artist in the world of 2014. He is honored to hold the 2014 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist World Championship, where thousands of Elvis tribute artists from around the world compete for this most coveted title.

jay dupuis

Catch Jay appearing in the Ultimate Finale show on Sunday, July 30 at 8 pm in the Eddie Bush Arena.