About the Festival


Is Priscilla coming back this year?

We’d love to have Elvis’ former wife Priscilla Presley back and we’ve extended the invite to her and the whole family for a future visit. Unfortunately, we’re not aware of any plans for her to return in 2017.

How is the Competition winner selected?

Competitors perform for a panel of judges in three rounds of competition. The Qualifying Round begins with all competitors performing one song for the judges. The Top 40 scoring competitors move on to the Semi-Finals performing two songs each. The Top 3 competitors, in each division including the Youth, move on to the Grand Finals to perform two songs with our House band to determine the order of our winners and the new Grand Champions. Overall highest scoring competitor, professional or non-professional, will appear in Memphis, Tennessee as our representative in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist contest in August.

How are the Judges chosen?

Judges are selected based on their level of Elvis experience including choreography, musical knowledge, judging experience, personal Elvis experience (seen him in concert, worked with him etc.), extent of overall Elvis career knowledge and commitment to confidentiality and ability to complete all duties.

What is the judging criteria for competitors?

We have five judging criteria on our Collingwood Elvis Festival score sheets including Vocals out of 15 points; Performance out of 10; Stage Presence/Showmanship out of 10 points; Appearance out of 10 and Overall Tribute to Elvis/Authenticity out of 10. In the case of a tie, vocal score will be the determining factor. If a tie still remains, we compare the scores in each category until we can determine a winner. The score sheet used in the Grand Finals is the official score sheet from Elvis Presley Enterprises.

Can I purchase Elvis memorabilia at the Festival?

Absolutely! We’ve got a great selection of vendors offering Elvis memorabilia, as well as 50’s and 60’s items.

What are the dates for next year’s Festival?

2018 Festival dates have yet to be announced.